Have You Heard About "SWEATPROOF" AND "WATERPROOF" Jewelry?

Have You Heard About "SWEATPROOF" AND "WATERPROOF" Jewelry?

Sweatproof or waterproof jewelry isn’t just for gym lovers and athletes.  If you’re looking for necklaces that won’t tarnish, turn your skin green or fall apart after wearing them to the gym or studio then you're where you need to be. We are going to get into what “sweatproof jewelry” means, keep on scrolling. 

Let's talk about the Metals

We use high quality stainless steel and brass base metals and recycled 14k and 18k gold. Be sure to search for jewelers who use high quality, hypoallergenic metals that won’t itch, change color, or leave a residue on your neck that looks like a fungal infection. Metals like copper and bronze may be cheaper, but something as simple as taking a shower, going to the gym and sun exposure will cause tarnishing, rusting and discoloration.

Bijooux Luxe bring a fly, modern, affordable jewelry collection of jewelry you'll never want to take off. Your jewelry is sweatproof, waterproof and made for everyday life. From poolside lounging to the beach, from the office to the yoga studio to dinner. We hope you love it so much you never take it off because honestly now you don’t have to!

Gold Filled Metals

Gold filled jewelry provides nearly the same quality as solid gold without the hefty price tag, and with proper care gold filled pieces will last for over 10 years. Gold filled is a thick layer of gold pressure bonded to a base metal by intense heat. The most common base metals are silver, copper, or brass because they are easy to work with.

Gold Filled vs Gold Plating

No shade to gold plated jewelry, but it’s not sweatproof. A thinner, semi-permanent layer of gold, gold plating can easily rub off and chip when worn for an extended period of time, swimming or during intense movement (like exercise).  Because the application is not as long lasting as gold filled.

Why choose Bijooux Luxe?

Gone are the days of picking up a cheap pair of earrings at the mall with your friends for Friday night; you deserve quality well made ethically sourced jewelry at a fair price that our customers will love. .

We create jewelry that’s made to last, good for you and good for the environment. We care deeply about design, sustainability, and active lifestyle community. 

Shop sweatproof and waterproof jewelry from BIJOOUX LUXE and join our affiliates team!

Stay Fabulous 

xo Fabienne 

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