Jewelry care

All jewelry is delicate and requires care to last a lifetime. To clean and maintain the fabulous look of your 925 Silver jewelry

  • do not use any chemicals or use liquid jewelry cleaning dips
  • do not spray perfume directly onto the jewelry
  • do not apply lotion or oil directly onto the jewelry
  • do not swim with jewelry on
  • remove rings when washing hands
  • keep your chains fastened so they don't become tangled
  • store your jewelry in a sealed plastic bag or airtight box to keep out air which causes oxidation 
  • avoid humidity or heat, as this may cause tarnishing
  • please only use soft non-abrasive cloths for polishing that were specially produced to work with silver or gold jewelry.
  • you may use a mild detergent (ie. dawn original) mixed with a little water, rinse well, and dry thoroughly on a clean towel
  • we do not recommend polishing clothes treated with cleaners or polishing agents

The color and shiny finish will last with a little maintenance.